A Journey Through Time

Captain George Vancouver’s Voyage and the Inside Passage:    When we sail north through the Inside Passage in Nawalak, our warm and comfortable 55’ charter sailboat, we navigate the same winding channels and fjords that Vancouver once sailed, gaining a deeper appreciation for the challenges his crew faced and the discoveries they made. Although t’s … Continued

That’s Bull…Kelp

Kelp beds and forests are a vital part of the marine ecosystem in the Pacific Northwest. These underwater forests, composed primarily of bull kelp, are incredibly important to the survival and growth of many different species, and have been used by Indigenous peoples for thousands of years. However, the loss of kelp beds in the … Continued

Seeing Stars

Sea Stars Sea stars, also known as starfish, play an important role in the ecosystem of the Salish Sea. The PNW is home to several species of these interesting animals. They are considered to be keystone species, which means that their presence has a significant impact on the overall structure and function of the ecosystem. … Continued

Orca – The Killer Whale

Killer Whales   Orcas, also known as killer whales, are toothed whales and the largest member of the dolphin family. They are apex predators found in all of the world’s oceans and can be identified by their unique physical features, similar to human fingerprints. The dorsal fin and saddle patch vary in size, shape, pigmentation, … Continued

Lighthouses in the San Juan Islands

House of Light The Pacific Northwest region of the United States is known for its stunning landscapes, including its picturesque coastline dotted with numerous lighthouses. These structures have played a significant role in maritime navigation for centuries and are an integral part of the region’s history and culture.     Lighthouses have been used for … Continued

Mountains Made of Sand

SANDSTONE The Pacific Northwest region of North America is known for its stunning and diverse geological features. Among these, sandstone stands out as one of the most interesting and distinctive types of rock formations in the area. Although it looks like it could be the surface of the moon, it is very much of this … Continued

Ocean of Energy

    The Ultimate Renewable Energy Resource    Although the only energy we think of when we are out sailing on Na’walak is the energy of the wind to propel us, the ocean can be a sizeable source of energy for civilizations’ needs into the future. Where will the globe’s energy supplies come from 50 … Continued

Long Live the King

Chinook (King) Salmon   The life cycle of a chinook (and all 5 species of Pacific salmon) salmon consists of several distinct phases, each with unique physical and behavioral characteristics. It is a complex and fascinating process that takes place over several years and involves multiple distinct phases, from the egg stage to the death … Continued

Little Silver Fish

Eulachon and herring are all small, anadromous (spend part of their life in both fresh and salt waters)silvery fish found in Pacific North West waters, but there are some differences between them. While eulachon and herring share some similarities, they have different distributions, uses, and ecological roles. Eulachon are most known for their high oil … Continued

Resources: San Juan Islands

  Get Involved: The Center for Whale Research (CWR) is dedicated to the study and conservation of the Southern Resident killer whale (orca) population in the Pacific Northwest.   Pacific Wild is a non-profit conservation organization that is committed to defending wildlife and their habitat on Canada’s Pacific coast by developing and implementing solution-based conservation … Continued

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